Saturday, December 4, 2010

The amazing 9.

We have a great new range of tea towels plus a new textile range in store. It's the  best collection of tea towels in reflecting this country and what is special about it and with the 4 for $59.00 special the tea towels have been walking out the door fast!

Some photos of them below dotted around the store, plus a few of the stories behind some. Come in to the store to see them for yourself or you can buy online, but remember to note which of the amazing 9 you'd like to own.

Homage to Tangaroa (seen below)
A beautiful tea towel all about the coastal sea garden. 
Tangaroa’s coastal sea garden of native  sea weeds and sponges are incorporated in this new tea towel design by K Morison. New Zealand seaweeds  form a charming border pattern and a "floral arrangement" with a paua and other sea creatures as the centre piece.

Aroha Aotearoa (seen above)
Declares our love and respect for Tane’s native kingdom.
Tane Mahuta the Maori god of life, the forests, the birds and human beings created a most special place called Aotearoa. We love this country and we commissioned this Pauanesia tea towel to celebrate Tane Mahuta's kingdom.

Coromandel Vessel (seen below)
Melissa Martin designed a Coromandel inspired tea towel design. She has incorporated Puawananga flowers, Kereru (native wood pigeon), Tui and Piwakawaka birds in her Coromandel vessel surrounded by native moths and fauna. Otahu- smokey teal background and lime green vessel, Kauri- lettuce green background

Hauraki Vessel (seen below)
Artist Melissa Martin designed a Hauraki Gulf inspired tea towel design. She has incorporated Kokako, Tieke (Saddleback), Kakariki (yellow crowned Parakeet), Toutouwai (black robin) and Piwakawaka . These are some of the endangered native birds found on Tiritiri Matangi island bird sanctuary.

Respect the Coromandel
The Coromandel Peninsula is a very special place and its environs are treasured.
This tea towel designed especially for Pauanesia by K Morison incorporates Coromandel native bush and coastal motifs in a retro-styled heraldic crest. The statement "Coromandel too precious to mine" was been added to the design before reprinting in response to the proposal to investigate mining in the Conservation 'Schedule Four' estate on the Coromandel. 'No Way' we say.
And please do not talk your dogs near nesting Dotterals.

Save Our Natives
This K. Morison designed commissioned by Pauanesia features some of our native fauna, birds and reptiles and a plea to help protect them.
Many like the Banded Dotteral and the Kaka Beak are under severe threat. We cherish Aotearoa, the domain of Tane Mahuta the Maori God. Pauanesia supports endeavours to retain wilderness conservation areas for native animals to flourish in once again safe from predators and threats. Simple consideration around the threatened species is essential to ensure their survival.

We hope to see you soon!
The staff of Pauanesia x
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