Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joy Kiwis.

These past few weeks, while our bodies have been in Pauanesia, our hearts have been in Christchurch. It's hard to carry on as normal when everything is anything but normal, so we've been thinking of what we can do to help and came up with a special series of bright little guys we've called 'Joy Kiwis'. Each Joy Kiwi has been lovingly embellished to spread a bit of cheer in a very sad time, and $5 of every Joy Kiwi sale goes to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund. We also have a little donation box where we and our customers can pop in our change.

As well as the kiwis, our new window features vintage chairs which have been fully restored and re-covered with vintage tea-towels or fabric from our own textile range. We've made them part of our sale (which continues at the back of the store) so if you haven't already, do come and check it out! There are still lots of cushions, lamps and prints marked down to clear. Hope to see you soon!

Below are some wonderful dolls also featured in our sale.

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