Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marking the date in an original way.

This year we've commissioned our own special 2012 calendar titled Aotearama, it launched last Friday at High St Guilds 'First Light' promotion.

It is a calendar like no other; artist Amy Joe has embraced an unusual commission; to create 12 diorama installations in vintage NZ cake tins that reflect New Zealand seasons and important occasions. 

Amy was supplied simply with a title, a tin and a box of resource for each month which has been collected from Pauanesia by her husband on his way to the ferry and home. The calendar art project and it has fitted into her busy life on Waiheke with a one year old. 

As an ex-Pauanesia staffer from her art student days, Amy shares Pauanesia owner Heather Gerbic’s passion for offering locals and visitors unique New Zealand made items imbued with the spirit of Aotearoa.

Big, old, square New Zealand sponge and fruit cake tins that have seen decades of baking service have been gathered and given a new purpose our baking mothers may regard as unusual. They have been installed with assemblages including a stencilled teapot and pop-up collages, and lined with trouser fly buttons and embroidered souvenir badges. The December assemblage is a joyful Harakeke (flax) Christmas tree installation.

Amy’s dioramas have contributed to a wonderful quirky and vibrant calendar for Pauanesia. Besides a fabulous, big square art calendar for the wall; we have devised an innovative  concertina office calendar that stands on the desk as a tower with the assistance of two paper clips, or can be pinned on to a notice board.

Despite date pads on our pocket size electronic devices and computers many of us still enjoy the ritual of replacing last year’s calendar with a new one, turning the page every month to a new visual and recording upcoming events and reminders on a printed calendar. Now we can enjoy it even more.

The concertina calendars are in store, or click here to find them on our website for $16.90.

Full size wall calendars avaliable for $29 also in store and here on our website.
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