Monday, January 23, 2012

Cutting back black.

Since it's the districts (little) Black Friday this coming end of week, we thought we better let you know why it's worth coming in to visit us! Asides from all the other things going on, it's a celebration of the whole district, we are cutting back the price of a whole lot of black product.

Black table runners are $49, our black 2.2m tablecloths will only be a wonderful $119, black placemats (sets of six) are $69 and all our black cushions are $59. Click on each to have a look at some of our range online. Time to do over the bach?

And once you've had a nosey in the store and our wonderful neighbours we suggest you might it a night out in the city too. Head down to the newly dressed Silo Park and grab something delicious before finding a spot in the outdoor cinema to watch 'Oceans'.

See more details here and the Oceans trailer below.

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