Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Light on High St.

Mark Friday 24th February in your diary; First Light is making a return! 

If you missed the last one, First Light is the launchpad for High Street retailers’ new season collections, as well as an excuse to have live music on the street and special offers in the district’s bars and restaurants. We’re excited to be launching two new products which we’ve been itching to tell you about. 

Our Puriri Moth brooch has been designed especially for us, in honour of the beautiful native insect and its brief life as a moth. The brooch is bronze, and comes in two sizes: wingspan 68mm at $79, and 38mm at $39. (We’re not exactly impartial, but we think it’s rather lovely. And although we’ll officially launch it at First Light, it’s instore now, so if you’re in, ask us to show it to you!) 

Our Flotsam Folk are a completely different kettle of fish; to anything ever seen in Pauanesia! These whimsical, sea-dwelling creatures have been sewn for us by one of our clever kiwi ladies, using a mixture of recycled vintage textiles, and then embellished by another local craftswoman with shoreline flotsam. Intrigued? Come and take a look; they’ll be ready for First Light, and guaranteed to make you smile.
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