Monday, August 15, 2016

From one kiwi to another – thank-you

For our 21st birthday this year, Pauanesia aims to raise $2100 for the fantastic Kiwis For Kiwi Trust. Thanks to your support in-store, on-line, and participation in events like our fundraiser morning tea, we have already raised $850! 

These funds will go towards the Trust’s programmes like Operation Nest Egg – kiwi are tracked and monitored in the wild, their eggs are retrieved and incubated, and when the kiwis hatch, they are moved to a kiwi crèche until they are large enough to defend themselves in their (ultimately predator-free!) natural environment. 

The equipment used in Operation Nest Egg is an expensive but vital component in ensuring kiwis continue to survive and breed – and with kiwi breeding season coming up soon, the Trust needs our help! 

Thank-you for shopping with us and supporting our drive to help the precious kiwi. You are all kiwi life-savers, ensuring kiwi survive and thrive.
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